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Are you tired of having to repair your junk cars transmission or engine, especially when they break down every month while you’re driving along the Imperial MO roads? It’s not only that you become a nervous wreck but you also end up forking out a great amount of money. When your transmission malfunctions quite often, you know what a hassle it is to attempt to repair it. What if it breaks down again? Are you willing to spare the hours and hours laying under the car from morning until night without attaining any result? If your vehicle is older than 15 years, most probably whatever you do to repair it isn’t actually going to be effective enough. It will break down again and eventually you’ll find yourself under the truck again. What’s the point? In the area, the salvation you’ve been searching for is 21 Recycling. We have been providing you with metal recycling services since 1998.

by Jim R. on 21 Recycling
Excellent services!

I really want to thank the good people at 21 Recycling for being trustworthy and honest. I brought in a lot of copper for recycling and I was really happy with the fact that they gave me such a good deal. I will not use any other recyclers in my area because they were so good to me. They have a customer for life and I’ll make sure to let all my friends know to go to them as well.

21 Recycling
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With us you can pay in cash!

Why should you give up your time, nerves, and energy for something which won’t bring you any pleasure. Actually it’ll do just the opposite! With each further attempt to fix the We have parts from both old as well as new cars of various makes and models at our Imperial MO junkyard.damaged parts or replace the clutch it only gets worse. Leave these things alone and spend more time with your friends or family! Let our metal recycling scrapyard 21 Recycling tackle the work much faster and conveniently for you. We understand that you love your first car just as much as we love our first project. You’ve put your entire power into getting exactly the car fitted with all its extras. But technology changes, people change along along with their lifestyle. It’s what happens all around the world and everyone strives for it, to keep up with the trend.

Sooner or later, you’ll become tired of all the troublesome junk cars, within your front yard, that you’ve collected over the years. They only take up too much space where your children may be able to play if there weren’t any vehicles. Well, the time has come to say When you’ll become tired of all the troublesome junk cars, call us.farewell and rid your yard area of them, so that you can build a patio or pool. When you leave your cars behind at our junkyard it doesn’t mean you have to forget your fond memories because if you grant a playground for your family and friends, you’ll be able to make more of them, memories that is.

If, perhaps, you’re involved in an auto collision and your vehicle’s been totally wrecked, you can bring it to us and make a new start with a brand new car. Should you want to observe the process, we will be happy to show it to you. When we lift your car with our metal recycling equipment we will place it in our wrecker. Then it will be demolished into scrap metal. The whole procedure takes just a few minutes, so we won’t waste any of your time.

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